Sail to the Extraordinary. Cycle the Untraveled Path.

Luxury sailing and cycling adventures in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

Projection Travel: Coming to an island near you!

Active travel is getting out there and having fun. See a new world from a new perspective. Here at Projection Travel, we think the best way to bring the “out there” to you is by the deck of a sailboat, or the seat of a bicycle

Sail to remote paradise islands and explore undiscovered destinations. Whether you’re a seasoned salty or a newbie on the water, we’ve got you covered. From island hoping day cruises to ocean crossing passages, you’ll find the right trip to suit you.

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Sailing boat holiday tour

Just one sail could change your life

A world of organic cuisine on a simple and elegant sailing vehicle. Let the South Pacific be your guide – from anchoring in coral bays, to coping with squalls, to hiking waterfalls. Projection can give you a hands-on experience with life-affirming memories that’ll last. Travel solo, or as a group. Build sea miles, or immerse yourself in the true culture of the islands… the only real way: sustainably, by bike and boat.

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Bike riding and cycling tours


Don’t fall into the tourist trap of so-so hotels every night. Book a bike tour with Projection Travel and you’ll be enjoying your free time in catered luxury on a private yacht. We sail into remote island locations, so that you can cycle them. Low traffic, quality paved roads and tropical paradise vistas – only made better by supreme snorkelling, crystal clear water and your very own floating home.

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Introducing the sailing boat: Projection

More than just another mass-produced ‘tupperware’ boat, sailing vessel Projection comes from the respected pedigree of Sparkman and Stephens. Known as one of the toughest (and best looking!) performance cruisers out there, this boat has been crafted with comfort and safety in mind. Her 47 feet give her a spacious interior and 5 available berths, while her deck design builds strength into every consideration. She’s easy to handle, a joy to live on, and the perfect size for ultimate bay access.

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Sailing tour testimonial
“I had the opportunity to go on several sails with Marc and Lily in Southern California. It was a total blast! They are top-notch personabe sailors!”— Andrew Munson, Sea-Kayak Instructor, USA.

Sailing tour testimonial
“I had so much fun sailing and eating nutritious and delicious food. If you get the chance, sail with Marc & Lily. You will have a blast!”— Elizabeth Coleclough, The Hofnar Experience, UK.

Sailing tour testimonial
“Marc and Lily spoilt us with delicious food, amazing activities and great company. We are booking our trip for next year!”— Jessa Harris, Musto Sailing Apparel, Australia

Sailing tour testimonial
“Marc & Lily are terrific sailors and bicyclists. They focus on sailing, bicycling and safe and affordable adventures to awesome destinations.”— John Reid, Veteran blue water sailor, USA

Projection Travel’s Stories From The Sea

The Key To Learning Sailing


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The Oceans and Islands await you.
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